I research the CLEAN/DIRTY dishwasher sign market(haha) to make sure my sign is competitive in price, quality, and use(100% serious). The world of selling CLEAN/DIRTY dishwasher signs is filled with many different versions from modern to eclectic. If my simple, modern sign is not for you please consider these products. Click the picture to go to the purchase page. There is a lesson to be learned from this page: If you see a great handmade product, purchase it immediately. It will not last forever. The cost of buying is never equal to the work the maker puts into HAND MAKING a product. The new mass produced signs are not bad either.

Whoa! Another new aluminum sign.

Classic and inexpensive magnet sign.
This sign is hilarious. Very cerebral indeed!
quality ceramic sign Handmade ceramic sign. It is no longer available from the Etsy seller but I like it so much.


Awesome! Great detail on this sign. You can tell it takes time to make this handmade product. It is no longer available from the Etsy seller.
competition I really like the look of this sign. I am glad the seller is making it again.
Whoa! This is a high quality sign! And aluminum!
Another nice sign. Amazon's choice the last time I checked. Whatevs Amazon.
Another excellent sign. 'Cause of the cat.
black clean dirty Discrete AND discreet. Like a butler that never talks but is always working so you have less harsh words for your family. Increases happiness by at least 3.34% each and every day!