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I designed these clean/dirty signs to fit seamlessly into any kitchen's decor, while still being visible enough to warn tired parents, guests, and other innocents not to use dirty dishes. The simple action from CLEAN to DIRTY smoothly incorporates itself around your dishwasher.

Prevent arguments. Communicate with your family easily and intuitively.

I drank out of a dirty glass, many times.

I kept drinking out of dirty glasses from the dishwasher! I couldn't just blame my wife, it was mostly her fault, but there was something lacking in our communication about the dishwasher holding CLEAN or DIRTY dishes. We had investigated this issue, half-heartedly, when we were young and living in an apartment but back then we were care-free and there were rarely even dishes. Now there were so many baby bottles and big people dishes that needed cleaning. We couldn't keep track. Every time I sputtered from a garlic milk or a pepper water I reminded myself to buy a sign on the internet. What I found just did not fit my style: I can't have a cutesy sign in my kitchen. I needed a dishwasher sign that was available in many contemporary colors, simple and clean enough to fit with my appliances, easy to read, and easy to use.

Alas, there was none back then, and you get so tired and very thirsty in the night. And so maybe you drink most of the cup before you realize it's not clean. Maybe you stop caring and just drink and accept your fate to wallow in. And bits of garlic to swallow in. If only there was a clean dirty kitchen sign that was for me. A simple design that can fit in any place, useful, and easy to use.

Now there is...

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